Don’t Let Other Sites Control Your Content

The risks of using 3rd party sites

The Internet is always changing. It’s important to understand the risks of using only 3rd party sites. When using 3rd party sites, other people (not you) control your pages, you have to follow their rules and are restricted by them. Relying totally on the income from other sites . . . → Read More: Don’t Let Other Sites Control Your Content

Increase sales with action words

Increase Sales, Subscriptions, and Traffic  With Action Words

Use Action Words to Tell Your Audience What to Do

A call to action such as “call now,” “order now,” and “click here” can increase sales up to 300%. Motivate readers to do what you want them to do with action verbs. Give precise instructions. Tell . . . → Read More: Increase sales with action words

10 Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic

Here are 10 tips to get repeat web traffic:

1. Update your web pages or blog pages frequently. Stagnant sites are dropped by some search engines and don’t motivate visitors to return.

2. Offer additional value on your website. Place links to affiliate and partner sites and products and ask them to do . . . → Read More: 10 Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic

Advantages of WordPress

For SEO purposes and to prevent your site from getting outdated and difficult to update in the future, I recommend redesigning your old web sites in WordPress.

Web design is constantly changing.  The most popular site/blogging platform today is WordPress. Here are some advantages of using WordPress to create a new site or converting an existing site . . . → Read More: Advantages of WordPress