4 Reasons to Comment on Blogs

4 Reasons for Blog Commenting

Here’s why you want to leave comments on blog posts:

  1. Get your name out there and reach a wider audience. Contribute to the conversation. Mention what information helped you. Add information. Share your information with blog readers.
  2. When commenting, your name (or better yet, your keyword) will be linked to your website which may improve your site ranking with Google.
  3. Increase traffic. Because your web link is included, other readers may click through and visit your site.
  4. It’s good karma! You just might get more comments on your blog as a result, not to mention visibility with other readers.

If you want to add comments to a WordPress blog, the commenting feature is usually the default option.

If you’re using a regular website instead of a blog,   XCommentPro can add commenting and interactivity to your web pages.  Xcommentpro  is simple to install and provides an easy way to add comment features to your websites. This program is compatible with all major web design programs, including Dreamweaver, FrontPage, ExpressionWeb, XSitePro and others.  Click here for more information about XCommentPro.

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