5 Big Signs You’re A Social Media Jerk Who Doesn’t Care About Their Followers

Social media can be a great tool if you can resist the temptation to be a jerk. If you abuse your followers you’re not doing yourself any favors, so let’s look at some things you need to stop doing immediately. If you don’t you might find it hard to send a lot of traffic to your website.

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Let down your followers

4731898939_e972eb3594_mPeople obviously follow you for a reason because I’m sure they didn’t have a gun pointed at their head when they choose to follow your account. That means you need to respect them by giving them the great information they signed up for. Don’t start sharing stuff with them if it’s not important just because you want someone to notice you. Too many people retweet or share another blogger’s posts because they want noticed even though their own followers couldn’t give a crap about the information.

Stop trying to sell things

Have you ever tried to sell to someone over social media? Tell me the last time you took your credit card out of your wallet before you signed into your Facebook account? It doesn’t happen because people go onto social media to be entertained and educated. When you start trying to push things onto them they’ll run for the hills. If you do want them to give you their money you should try to do everything possible to get them back to your website.

Stalking people is wrong

It’s okay to network with people over social media, but there will come a time when you start to verge on stalking. Everyone can see what you write on your social media accounts too, so when you start sending cheesy messages to certain people your followers will start to cringe. You need to learn how to reach out to other people properly before you end up with a bad reputation. You might also scare people away from trying to reach out to you in the future.

Don’t step away from the controls

You need to be the person writing Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. If you decide to hire someone they can speak to your followers for you, but only once they understand what you and the company are all about. Don’t outsource your social media accounts to people who don’t have any idea what you stand for because you’ll end up scaring all your followers away. If you don’t have time to post on social media you shouldn’t have so many accounts to begin with.

Great big lies

I think a lot of marketers assume everyone is a sucker who enjoys being lied to. It’s not hard to tell if someone is lying and the truth usually comes out in the end. If you need to make stuff up in order to trick people into believing you’re an expert you are already in deep trouble. From now on you should tell the truth no matter how bad it makes you look and you might realize your followers appreciate your honesty. You’re trying to build a long-term business here and quick tricks are very dangerous.

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Alliance Floor Source, leading retailers of laminate floors in Toronto . . You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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