Advantages of WordPress

For SEO purposes and to prevent your site from getting outdated and difficult to update in the future, I recommend redesigning your old web sites in WordPress.

Web design is constantly changing.  The most popular site/blogging platform today is WordPress. Here are some advantages of using WordPress to create a new site or converting an existing site to WordPress:

  • WordPress is better for SEO (has SEO plugins).
  • A WordPress site is easier to update. For example, you can update the navigation or footer on all the pages by making one change. You can change the font type, color and other by making one change in the stylesheet. And those are just a few examples.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Anyone can easily learn WordPress basics and make minor text changes yourself.  If you don’t want to design your own site, you may want to be able to make edits, change descriptions of products and prices, add pictures and add articles to your blog.
  • It’s easier for any designer to work on.
  • Availability of thousands of themes, including very professional themes and widgets and mobile friendly themes. See some good themes below.
  • Availability of thousands of plugins to make your blog more powerful.
  • Availability of widgets.
  • Easier to add pictures and picture galleries.
  • WordPress is very customizable. There are many options and features to choose from.

So, if you have an old, outdated site, you might want to consider converting it to WordPress. Also, if you are creating a new site, WordPress might be your best choice today.

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