What Are The Best Article Spinners?

In the past, a large number of backlinks to a site improved search engine ranking. And many internet marketers built sites with spun articles to get backlinks to their money sites to improve their search engine ranking.  Article spinners create multiple versions of the same content that looks different to search engines.

Low quality backlinks no longer work today to rank well. Spun content and backlinks from spun content won’t improve your ranking and traffic today and it definitely won’t generate sales.

Google wants quality content and quality backlinks. Low-quality articles and low-quality links will hurt your ranking today as Google has been de-ranking sites with low-quality content and low-quality backlinks.

Your best articles or content will always be the content you write yourself manually. Original useful content written by humans delivers value and positions you as an authority in your respected niche.

Why you should NOT use spun articles

If you are serious about your blog then you shouldn’t use article spinners. No one wants to read junk articles that are generated by article spinners. If you want visitors to come back to your blog and you want to generate sales, then you must give them original, quality content they want to read.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use article spinners:

  • Spun articles often don’t make sense.  They will provide content that feels unnatural and make your site a low quality site.
  • People won’t read spun articles.
  • Spun articles won’t built trust and they won’t generate sales.
  • Google doesn’t like spun articles and they won’t help you with SEO and traffic today. Only quality backlinks will be helping you today.
  • Spun content won’t definitely won’t generate sales.

Better ways to get quality articles:

  • Write your own content. Nothing compares to good quality articles that are written by real people. A good article will give the readers value and they will stick around and come back.
  • Hire good, English-speaking article writers.
  • Use quality PLR and add your own comments to it.
  • Use quality public domain content.

Here are some alternatives to using article spinners:

  • Speech to text software allows you to speak and transcribe your speech into text.
  • Tensorflow– TensorFlow is a machine learning library for research and production that was developed by Google. It won’t write the articles for you but it will collect information. Its text summation tool can help you with article research and writing. It can also help you create titles and short summaries for your website. Some algorithms rank the importance of sentences within the text and then construct a summary from important sentences.
  • Speed Rewriter. This is not a spinner. Here’s how it works: You paste in an article in the software. The software breaks down the article sentence by sentence and this is supposed to make it easier for you to rewrite it. In my opinion, if you want to rewrite an article sentence by sentence, you can just as well paste an article in a word file and rewrite sentence by sentence without this software.

Article Spinners:

I don’t recommend using article spinners. But I know that some people will use them anyway.

Not all articles spinners are the same. To generate readable articles – even with the best spinning software, you have to spend time providing alternative words to the software. You also have to read and tweak the finished articles.

You don’t want to use an article spinner that randomly select words and phrases from a thesaurus and swaps them to generate new articles.

Here are some of the articles spinners available today.

  • WORDAI The makers of this software don’t consider it an article spinner. If you want to use a spinner at all, this is the only one you should consider. Wordai uses advanced artificial intelligence to understand the meaning behind each word and sentence.

But despite what I’ve said above, I know some of you will be tempted to use article spinners.

TheBestSpinner is probably one of the better spinners if you do manual spinning.  The Best Spinner allows you to provide multiple versions of your words that will be selected at random. It gives you the option to do both manual and automatic spin. If you’re going to use a spinner, then use the manual spin. 

$7 for a 7 day free trial, then $77/year.

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