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Quality content is and has always been the most important element to having a successful website. Content creates credibility, trust and authority. Content also plays a major role in SEO.  And people will only bookmark and link to websites with quality content.

But creating quality content and especially creating a large amount of content to satisfy search engines and attract visitors is a challenge for many people.

Here’s a possible solution. Speech recognition software can make content creation faster and easier.

There are many good reasons for using voice recognition software. With speech recognition software, you can dictate directly into the program and transcribe what you dictated.

Speech recognition works very well to create articles. Instead of writing an article, you talk and the software will type what you’re saying. Many people find it faster to dictate articles into their computers than typing them.

If you are a slow typist you might want to talk into your computer instead of typing. Speech recognition software is also great if you have arthritis, sour hands, have a handicap or have other reasons to avoid typing. But it’s not only for people who don’t want to type

Not everyone is comfortable writing. And not everyone will be comfortable speaking into a microphone to create articles but it works well for many. Some people find it easier and faster to talk than to write while others don’t.

Even if you’re not comfortable with taking into a microphone, try it for a week to get used to it and you will become more comfortable with it and get better and faster at it.

Some speech recognition programs today are quite good at hearing familiar voices when clearly dictated. You will need to do some editing to the transcript. One issue  includes homonyms which are words that sound exactly like other words (for example“there”, “their” and “they’re” ), and you’ll have to correct the spelling of those kinds of words.

Here’s more tips to get the best results

  • All speech recognition requires that you train the software. Spend some time training the software and you will get good results. The more you use and train the software to understand your voice and accent, the more accurate it will. Most poeople find that they can create articles a lot faster by using speech recognition.
  • The best known speech recognition programs today are Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM ViaVoice. When comparing IBM ViaVoice and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’ve found the Dragon software to be noticeably better.

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