Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook ad Tips:

If you plan to advertise on Facebook, be aware that you might get turned down. Don’t get discouraged if your ad is disapproved. It happens frequently.

Factors that determine the approval of your ads include

  • the ad copy.
  • the landing page.
  • and the topic you’re promoting.

To get your ads approved, avoid the following:

  • Don’t mention words like free, contest, etc.
  • Avoid dating and gambling ads.

The ad copy is the most common reason of being disapproved.  But you can get disapproved even if the ad copy is okay. In that case, you want to  look at your landing page.

Facebook may even disapprove legitimate ads. If disapproved, change your ad, picture and if needed your landing page.

Your landing page is important. Make sure that the site you’re linking to is a good site – not a spammy site. And make sure your landing page is related to your call of action.

To get the best conversion, send visitors to an opt in – not to your main offer.

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