Facebook Cover Images Have Replaced Facebook Fan pages

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Now that Facebook has eliminated landing pages, you need a good cover image to attract visitors to your fan page.

Have you upgraded to the new Facebook timeline?

Facebook Timeline Cover Image

The large image is called a Facebook Timeline Cover.

When you’re adding a profile image to your Timeline, the image will go in the space where you see the empty box at the bottom left in the above image.

With the recent Facebook changes, an eye-catching Facebook Timeline Cover has become a must to promote your website, product, or business on Facebook.

Since Facebook launched Timeline, you can now have a Facebook cover image. This cover image shows at the very top of your Facebook page. The new Facebook Cover image is similar to a header image – but it’s larger.

It is the first thing people see when they visit your Facebook timeline.

It’s important to get a Facebook cover to promote your business. Instead of just uploading a random photo, you can have your own custom cover image that can include your logo, headline, some text, url, photo collage, or anything else you want.

Your timeline can include some of your top photos and stories. Highlight whatever you want and add anything that’s missing.


In the examples above, the top image is the cover image

Below that you see information from the profile, e.g. worked at, studied at, lives in, from.

Next to that you’ll see images of your friends, photos, videos, a map, and your likes.

So, it’s important to complete your profile. For example, if you don’t provide the above information in your profile, it won’t show up below the cover image.

The bottom line is that to stay competitive on Facebook, you need a facebook cover and update your Facebook Timeline.

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