How Article Marketing Has Changed

Is article marketing still working?

Article marketing still works but it has changed.

Article directory marketing doesn’t work as well as it used to since Google’s recent updates
but article syndication works very well.

Today, the backlinks you’re getting from article directories are non-context-relevant, low PR backlinks because Google’s algorithm has devaluated the links from article directories.  This means that submitting articles to hundreds of article directories to get backlinks won’t help your SEO much anymore. Backlinking is mostly about quality and relevance today and quantities are of little value in comparison to quality.

But article marketing by syndication of high-quality content in front of highly targeted traffic is very effective today.

This means that today – even more than before – you should only write and submit high quality articles.  Web publishers are looking for information that’s worth putting on their site. If your articles are low quality, publishers won’t put them on their site so you’re just wasting your time.

The context-relevant backlinks (sites with related content) you can get from sites that syndicate your articles (they find on directories) can give you quality links.

Context-related links carry more weight. 

The best links today are those from relevant authority sites within your niche. So focus on getting links from authority sites in your niche.

Today, focus on getting your valuable articles on relevant blogs or websites. If a website in your niche publishes your article with your backlinks, the backlinks will have more value because it’s a link from related content.

Syndication can increase your ranking dramatically.

The power in submitting your articles to sites like EzineArticles is in getting other site owners to republish your articles because your articles are quality articles with good content. 

Your articles can be picked up by webmasters searching article sites like EzineArticles to get content for their site. You can also contact other web publishers and ask them to publish an article in return for a link back to your site.

How to get quality articles 

One way is to write your own articles. Or if you don’t want to write your own articles, you can hire a freelance writer to write articles for you. You get freelancers from freelance sites like Elance, Guru and Get A Freelancer. These are the best sites to source out quality freelancers.

Tips for getting quality content when outsourcing article writing

Article writers concentrate on the SEO aspect of article writing but the content of outsourced articles is typically not very useful to your audience. The more information you provide to the writer the better results you’ll get.  If you provide some key points you want to get across to the writer you’ll get a much better article.

If you’re out of ideas for article topics, consider purchasing Private Label (PLR) articles and rewriting them with your unique perspective or angle.  Spend some time finding quality PLR articles. And a writer can rewrite the PLR articles and include your perspective and turn it in unique, valuable articles.

Find out more about private label content here.

Conclusion and summary:

  • Only write quality articles related to your niche. I recommend writing and publishing as many articles as you can but they have to be quality articles.
  • Submit your quality articles to a few important article directories only. There is no need to submit your articles to a large quantity of article directories. I’m not recommending mass submission to a large quantity of article directories today because the links from article directories are not considered high-PR links by Google anymore since the latest Panda update. I recommend manual submission to the top 10 article directories rather than automatic submission to a large number of article directories as you will get the best exposure from the top 10 directories. Read How Article Marketing Has Changed.
  • Reposition your articles for maximum links and exposure. For example, turn your articles into videos and submit them to video sites for extra links and traffic. Or submit them to document sharing sites. You can even convert them to press releases as long as the content is news worthy.

Convert your articles to videos and get traffic and links from video sites like YouTube 

ArticleVideoRobot. It’s very easy to use and really fast. It has a free trial but you can’t submit or download your videos with the trial version.

In addition to being an easy, ultra fast way to creating videos, another advantage of Article Video Robot is that they automatically blast your video article to many video sites gaining you tons of links and traffic.

This is a great way to get links but be aware that the quality of the videos is not great. I don’t recommend using the automated speech. Either do a voiceover yourself or outsource the audio.  You can also use background music instead. And if you want conversions from your videos, you should consider creating quality videos. There are many articles on this site about video creation and distribution.

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How To Get The Best Results From Article Marketing

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