How to Automate Pinging in WordPress

WordPress automatically sends a ping each time you create or update a post and uses Ping-O-Matic’s server ( by default.

This means that you don’t have to ping manually when using WordPress.

WordPress blogs also ping unnecessarily every time you edit a post.

Find out how to prevent getting banned  for pinging too often.

You don’t want to ping each time you’re updating your blog posts.

Plugins like smart update pinger and CBNet ping optimizer change the WordPress default to only ping when you’re publishing new posts, not when editing.


Free plug in: Smart Update Pinger.

Free plug in: CBNet Ping Optimizer plugin for WordPress logs the return messages sent by pinged sites. It prevents excessive pinging and logs ping results.

How to update your ping list

You can find an updated ping list at

Update your ping list with the list provided in the link above.

Just copy the list and paste it.

Update your ping list through WordPress>Settings>Writing > Update Services

Pingomatic should already be in there as a default.

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