How to Write Better Content Quickly

Want to Write Top Notch Content Fast?

Websites need content. You need to create enough content for your blog or site to keep your audience coming back. And your content has to be high quality.

So, how do create content fast while maintaining the quality?

Here are some great tips to help you write great articles faster. 

  • Research Then Write – Being prepared will shorten the writing time. Write an outline first. Then do you research before you start to write.There is a variety of software that will help you with research.
    • Instant Article Wizard will help you write quality articles easier and faster by doing research. This software works is very useful for article research. You give Instant Article Wizard one or more keywords that you are targeting for an article and it will do your research for you. The software scans the web and quickly gathers information for the content of the article. It finds lots of sentences from different web pages and assembles them. See my review of Instant Article Wizard.
    • A tool called Answer the Public, scrapes Google’s autosuggest search queries.
    • Check what questions are your users asking on Reddit or Quora?  Find topics for your articles at Quora by searching for the search term: “your keyword.”Target Your Audience – Here are several ways to find out what information your audience wants.
      Here’s a list of more question and answer sites.
  • Compile an Idea File – Compile a file with ideas, headlines and topics for articles. Take time when you feel create to write headline and other ideas. Add ideas you get when reading other people’s articles to your idea file. Then check your idea file when you need inspiration.
  • Write  About Topics You Know – Selecting topics you’re familiar with will shorten or even eliminate the research time. It will make writing easier and faster and you’ll write better articles when you’re familiar with the topic.
  • Use Article Templates Using templates will help you write quality articles fast. Set up templates for the different types of articles you’re writing to help you write faster in a variety of styles. For example, how-to articles, tips articles and others. In addition to setting up your own article templates, you’ll get an even greater variety of styles when using other people’s article templates. For example, Ezinearticles had some great article templates. you can also make your own. They have free templates in addition to a large selection of templates you can purchase.
  • Read Other People’s Articles – Reading other people’s articles can inspire you in different ways. You don’t want to copy other people’s articles but use some of the ideas to come up with your own content. Add your own slant to make the articles unique.
  • Check out Your Competitors’ Blogs.  By checking your competitors’ blog, you can get fresh ideas for content.
  • Check out social media. Follow tweets related to your industry and keywords.Twitter can be a great resource to keep you informed of current trends and get new ideas for content.
  • Write often – The best way to become a better and faster writer is by writing often. The more you write, the easier it will become to write good articles and write them faster. Write every day if possible.
  • Set Aside Time to Write – Set a specific time aside every day to write one or more articles.
  • Dictate your articles and use speech recognition software.  Dictating your articles will make article writing faster – especially if you are a slow typist. This works well for a lot of people.The best speech recognition software today is Dragon.
    • Dictate your articles on your PC with Nuance – Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Edition  Click Here.
    • Takes voice command to the next level with enhanced features for greater accuracy and speed with Nuance – Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition Click Here.
    • Dragon for mac – Nuance – Dragon Professional Individual for Mac Click Here.
  • Don’t edit while writing – Edit Later – After writing an article, set it aside and edit it later. Go back to your article the next day or so and then edit your article. Don’t overdo the editing. You don’t need to sound like a professional writer. You want articles that are easy to read, flow well and provide great content that you’re audience wants to read.

Follow these tips to write better articles faster and make your blog more interesting.


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