Hypnotic Writing – 7 Tips for Internet Writing

I am not sure about the ethics involved here but I do know one thing: It is a must need on the Internet. Without powerful writing, you will not succeed even if you are giving out free gold. A popular example being the experiment conducted by some marketing gurus. They advertised to give out $100 bills free. There was no response because the writing was not compelling/ convincing enough.

With the information explosion on the Internet, the competition is more deadly. Hence the use of power writing is at its peak. You have to stand out, to grab, to dominate, to intoxicate, capture and be noticed. The more you differ from the norms, the greater are your chances of success.

You need to make your power writing more forceful and spellbinding. How do you fascinate and mesmerize your readers? Here is a seven-step technique for achieving hypnosis through writing:

  1. Use suggestion to subtly introduce an impression, inspiration, idea or thought. Let’s consider a simple work example using the concept of ‘sleep’. Our suggestion will be: ‘You are sleepy’.
  2. Give instruction/command. Tell the person to take action as desired by you. Give a direct command. For our example, this will be: ‘Go to sleep’.
  3. Back up with a conviction/determination statement. A conviction statement conveys a sense of assurance, certainty, confidence, sincerity and passion. Conviction is very easily generated by using the word ‘will’ instead of ‘can’. For our example, the conviction statement is: ‘You will sleep’.
  4. Follow up with endorsement/re-affirmation. Back up your conviction statement by using the word ‘Yes’. For our example, this is: ‘Yes, you will sleep’.
  5. Give a vivid description to appeal to emotions – Describe in great detail giving all the advantages, disadvantages and properties. In short make it so vivid that your reader sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels the action and hence gets involved emotionally. For example consider the following three descriptions: ‘A strawberry’; ‘A red strawberry’; ‘A large ripe, red and juicy strawberry, mmm..’. With the third description you can almost feel your mouth watering. Now back to our work example: ‘You will fall in to a deep, soothing, slumbering sleep’.
  6. Use powerful words. Some words click on the subconscious power of the mind and immediately trigger certain strong emotions. Hence these words have a strong appeal. A small fraction of such words are outlined here: You, free, magic, hell, damn, baby, do, secret, revealed, sensational, revolutionary, pioneer, discover, will, success, yes.
  7. Use repetitive rhythms. Repetition fascinates the mind and creates an intoxicating influence. For our example, the rhythm is: ‘Go to sleep; you will sleep; yes you will sleep; you will fall into a deep, soothing, slumbering sleep’. For successful hypnosis, the rhythm has to be repeated several times. Remember the rule of thumb of marketing experts: You need to repeat your sales message between seven to ten times to close a deal. However since hypnotic writing is already so powerful, I will go with a cycle of three: at the start, in the middle and at the end of your message. For ease of understanding, the work example used was very simple and straight forward. In actual business writing, you have to be subtle. You need to influence and fascinate without offending or being obvious to the reader. You will achieve this by weaving the above magic into the body of your regular business writing. To integrate effectively, you may change the order of presentation, split up the process and make variations to the concept. Here your imagination is the limit.

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Note from publisher: This is an old article but the information is still very useful and accurate today.

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