Increase sales with action words

Increase Sales, Subscriptions, and Traffic  With Action Words

Use Action Words to Tell Your Audience What to Do

A call to action such as “call now,” “order now,” and “click here” can increase sales up to 300%. Motivate readers to do what you want them to do with action verbs. Give precise instructions. Tell them exactly what to do. Here are some examples of action words you can use on your Web site, in your email, and in other marketing materials.

Examples of Call to Action

  • Click here to buy this course right now!
  • Call toll-free 800-333-1234 today!
  • Email me at
  • Click here to instantly order online. Order NOW before all the courses are taken! 1-888-444-1234.
  • Pick up your phone right now and call my toll-free number at 1-800-333-1234.
  • Ten ways to increase your Web sales immediately. Sign up now to get this $29 value FREE!
  • Increase your Web site traffic by 300%! Click here to find out how!
  • Find out about our upcoming marketing seminars. Click here.
  • Browse our recommended Web design resources! Click here.
  • Please bookmark this Web site now!
  • Capture Your Visitors’ Email
  • Enter your email address here and we’ll keep you posted about new Web design resources.
  • Click here to subscribe to our “Ask the Webmaster” ezine.
  • Join our FREE update list.
  • Click here to receive a FREE seminar by email.

Here’s other information you may consider posting on your website or in your ezine.

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Using a “Call to Action” is just one of the many strategies followed by successful copywriters. This proven copywriting technique can substantially increase your Web profits . . . try it!

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