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Instant Article Wizard – Article Research and Writing Software You need to continually write unique, high quality articles. After writing several articles on the same topic, you may run out of inspiration at some point.  You have to come up with new topics, subtopics and angles, and research information on each topic and subtopic you want to write about. I’ve written many articles and I am always looking for ways that can help me write articles faster. instantarticlewizardInstant Article Wizard is not an article spinner or rewriter. It will help you write quality articles easier and faster by doing research. This software is very useful to do article research. Here’s how it works: You give Instant Article Wizard one or more keywords that you are targeting for an article, press Enter. Article Wizard then scans the web and quickly gathers information for the content of the article.  It finds lots of sentences from different web pages and assembles them. It will help you identify subtopics you can use to write articles and will take you through the selection of research ideas for your introduction, subtopic paragraphs, and conclusion. This software will research the information for you and write 90% of the article. Then you tweak the article another 10% and you’re done.

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Once you’ve collected the research information the software generated for you, you select the part you want to use. Instant Article Wizard will then copy the text of the research information that you selected to the clipboard. You paste the research in your word processor, then add, delete and edit a little, and in just minutes you can have a top-quality article. I am using this software and really like it as a research tool. I recommend that you use it for research and then edit the research results. This product has a 2-month money-back guarantee!  So there’s no risk and a lot to gain. $7 for 7 days, then $77/year.

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