Question and Answer Sites

yahoo-answers You might have heard that about Yahoo Answers but there are many other question and answer sites.

Question and answer sites are great to get answers to your questions. But you can also use them for Internet Marketing. Simply answer questions related to your niche and mention your website in the resource box.

It’s a great way to get high PR links. If you want to get links, just select one or a couple of the most popular ones such as Yahoo Answers, eHow or WikiAnswers. Below is a listing of additional question and answer sites.

  • Aardvark  – Taps into your social network to find the right answers fast. Once you’re set up, Aardvark lives in your IM window, and anytime you want to ask a question, just IM Aardvark with your question. Aardvark parses the question to figure out what it’s about which it does a remarkably good job and then sends it to someone who it thinks is able to answer your question. You’ll get an answer back quickly, and be able to have a brief chat with the person who answered your question.
  • – Also known as WikiAnswers, the site allows users to edit and, over time, refine the answer to each submitted question.
  • Ask a Librarian – Reference service from the Library of Congress.
  • Brain Boost by – Semantic Q&A search by
  • eHow – Database of how-to articles and videos.
  • JustAnswer – A business questions and answers site. JustAnswer is an online expert question and answer website that connects people with doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and other industry experts.
  • LinkedIn Help Forum  – Linkedin Answers does not exist anymore but you can ask questions through their forum.
  • Mahalo Answers  – Users can offer or earn monetary rewards for high-quality answers.
  • Merchant Circle –  Allows users to ask and answer questions of other small business owners.
  • Quora – A ​Social ​Networking-​based ​Q ​and ​A ​site ​started ​by ​a ​former ​Facebook ​CTO.​ Quora is a General questions and answers site and was launched in 2010.
  • Stack Overflow – Stack Overflow is aTech questions and answers site and was launched in 2010. A ​language-​independent ​collaboratively ​edited ​question ​and ​answer ​site ​for ​computer ​programmers.​
  • WikiAnswers – Wiki-based Q&A service from
  • wikiHow – Collaborative, wiki-based how-to manuals.
  • Yedda – A general questions and answers site.

Check out these question and answer sites now and take advantage of them to get quality links.

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