Set Up Your Affiliate Program Through a Third Party Tracking Company

Use a third party affiliate tracking company to run your affiliate program for you.

There are many different online transaction processing sites that can handle your sales and track your affiliate sales.  Fees and affiliate management options vary so it’s important to compare fees and capabilities.

Third party affiliate tracking companies include Clickbank (See more info below), E-Junkie,, Click Trade, 1ShoppingCart and others. See more info about third party affiliate tracking companies here.

1. Clickbank – $50 set up fee.


Clickbank is great for setting up affiliate programs for digital products such as ebooks and software. They have many affiliates that can sell your products. Clickbank will run your affiliate program and enable you to accept credit cards. They will bill your customers, pay you, and pay your affiliates a commission. They charge a one-time $49.95 activation fee, and a $1 + 7.5% fee per sale. There are no monthly fees.

Benefits: You get listed in the Clickbank marketplace. Clickbank is the first place affiliates go look for products to promote. So if you are selling electronic products, I highly recommend setting up your digital products with Clickbank to get easy exposure to affiliates that will promote your products.

Limitations: Clickbank won’t accept physical products and you’ll need special authorization for products over $100. Refunds are done by Clickbank – not by the vendor.

I’ve been using Clickbank for over 12 years now both as an affiliate and as a merchant. In addition to using Clickbank, I am also using  WP Affiliate Platform for my higher paid products and because there is no transaction fee.

I highly recommended Clickbank if you’re selling ebooks, software and other electronic products.

Click here to visit clickbank.

Find out how to set up your product with Clickbank.

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E-Junkie offers an inexpensive way to set up your own affiliate program. E-Junkie has become popular for setting up your own affiliate program and finding other people’s affiliate programs to promote.  E-junkie’s affiliate system is free for affiliates to use.

To use E-Junkie to providing an affiliate program for your products, you just pay $5/month to sell online. This fee is good for up to 10 products. You can upgrade to a larger plan at any time as needed. E-junkie has no setup fee, no transaction fee, no transaction limit, no bandwidth limit, and no other hidden costs.

I have used E-Junkie as an affiliate and have found some good affiliate products there. Affiliates can view reports of their referrals that generated sales.  But E-Junkie does not track or report affiliate link click-through rates.

I have not used E-Junkie to set up affiliate programs.  However, some people have commented that their affiliate program is not that great – if you’re selling more than one product on your site. I think that’s correct as I found it a little confusing the first time I signed up for an affiliate program from someone who has multiple affiliate programs.

My research indicates that E-Junkie also provides a great shopping cart that many people use and recommend. I bought products that were set up through E-Junkie and agree that the shopping cart is user friendly. It supports multiple payment processors but won’t work with TrialPay checkout payments.

Click here to get more information about E-Junkie.

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JVZoo – free set up + 5%

There is no set up fee. JVZoo charges a 5% commission on all sales.

  • You can set up unlimited product payment buttons, OTO buttons, sales pages, and affiliate contests.
  • Instant affiliate payments (be careful with this as you can get fake affilaite sales and may have to give refunds after you paid affiliate commissions).
  • Refunds are handled by the vendor – not by JV Zoo.
  • Instant tracking of sales and statistics. JVzoo gives you instant stats that show how many visitors and clicks you have received, how many sales you have made, your conversion percentage and also the EPC (earnings per click) for each campaign.
  • When sending a buyer to a vendor you also get paid when selling other product sales from the same vendor.


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Paydotcom – Free for the first product.

PayDotCom is an inexpensive solution. But E-Junkie is more popular than Paydotcom today.

Here are some benefits of Paydotcom:

  • It’s easy to get started and set up new products. This makes it a great for people who are new to selling products online.
  • Sell physical products, digital products, and monthly billing (subscriptions and memberships).
  • No pre-approval needed to sell your products.
  • No maximum dollar amount.
  • Immediate payment from sales. Transactions are processed through Paypal and StormPay and the payment goes directly in your accounts. No waiting for weeks before you get paid.
  • Built-in affiliate program with affiliate tools. Sales reporting, tools, stats for affiliates and vendors.
  • No signup fee – Get a free vendor account to sell your products.  There is no set up fee for the first product.  If you want to promote more than one product, there’s a one time, lifetime activation fee of $29 to sell unlimited products.
  • The small processing fee is based on a Per Sale basis and ranges from $1 to $3.  No percentage of sales. This fee is automatically deducted from the affiliate’s commission and paid to by the vendor.
  • For affiliate sales, the transaction fee is split by vendor and affiliate 50/50.
  • Ad tracking. Offers good reporting capabilities.
  • There is no shopping cart. Customers can only buy 1 item at a time.

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1ShoppingCart –  Starts at $29/mo – Pro version is $99/mo and includes shopping cart, autoresponder and affiliate model.

1shoppingcart provides a robust shopping cart + affiliate software + an autoresponder all in one place.

I’ve set up several products with 1ShoppingCart affiliate module. I am also using 1ShoppingCart as an affiliate.

Here’s my opinion:  It’s a good option if you need a shopping cart, affiliate program and autoresponder all in one.

1ShoppingCart’s affiliate tools are good if you only need an affiliate program for one product and it’s a good solution to have your shopping cart, autoresponder and affiliate program  in one place. But if you want to set up affiliate programs for several products, it can be confusing for affiliates.  The first program you set up becomes the default and that’s the one they’ll see first.

You should consider 1ShoppingCart’s to set up your affiliate program if you want to use 1shoppingcart as your shoppingcart and only need an affiliate program for one product.  (I do recommend 1shoppingcart highly for your shopping cart needs). And I use and like their autoresponder.

Click here to visit 1shoppingcart.

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