Social Bookmarking Marketing Techniques

Social Bookmarking Marketing Techniques

What is Social Bookmarking?

This video  by Hammad Kan will give you a better idea of what social bookmarking is

Social bookmarking is tagging a website or other links to keep for future referencing, or to share those links with friends. Your bookmarks can be shared with a large circle of friends and other people that have the same interest.

When browsing the Internet you may come across sites that you want to save so you can refer to that site in the future. You can save a web site url as a ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorites’ in your web browser.

Why is social bookmarking a good marketing technique?

Social bookmarking is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your site fast.

Once you have bookmarked a site it becomes available to everyone online. That’s how you will get more traffic – especially if the bookmark becomes popular with social media users.

There are hundreds of different social bookmarking websites that people visit often and participate in creation and popularity of content on such a websites.

Here’s some of the results that Thomas McMills has been getting from social bookmarking:

“…. Recently I’ve started one blog … Nothing fancy and nothing special, but I’ve made it interesting in a particular way. On that blog, or to be exact one blog post, I was promoting ten products from one affiliate program. With bookmarking to SB websites I was able to drive more than 100,000 visitors in just a three or four days. That earned me more than 3,000 bucks in an easy way.”

From that example you can see how important, useful and profitable social bookmarking can be for promoting your website.

Why social bookmarking works:

Drive free targeted traffic to your website

With hundreds of social bookmarking websites on the internet,  you can drive thousands of people to your website with just one smart bookmarking campaign.

And the best part is that the traffic will be highly targeted to your website your niche. That means that people who come to your website will be interested in what you’re offering or selling . That can make a big difference to your website popularity and profitability.

Get high quality links from authority sites and improve your ranking. 

Bookmarking is a good and safe linking strategy even after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Social bookmarking sites are important in the eyes of search engines. The most popular bookmarking sites have Pagerank of 4 and more. So you’re getting links from popular and high-ranked websites which will improve your ranking .

Boost your website popularity

Real people browse social networking sites and rank content up or down. If you have good content, your link, post or content can become highly popular on bookmarking sites and become viral – people may rank it well and share on their blogs or social networking websites. So, without much of your own effort, your link, post or content can be published on 100’s or even 1000’s of other web properties which will send you additional traffic. That is the main reason why social bookmarking is so powerful.

Here are some things you should know when using social bookmarks as a marketing strategy:

Sign up with as many social bookmarking website as possible. The more you join the more exposure you can get from bookmarking.

Only bookmark quality information.

Provide quality keyword filled titles. Your title is important to get exposure.  Be clever, witty, or even controversial in your titles.

Remember that the title will also be used as your anchor text for search rankings. It’s very important for Google ranking today to have  a variety of anchor text.

Create several different titles and descriptions for your bookmarks. This will help increase the visibility of your bookmarks and target other keywords for the website you are bookmarking (and you won’t look like a spammer).

In addition to your own site, you should also bookmark related sites. This will help to getting higher search engine rankings.

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