19 Effective Traffic Methods

No matter what niche you’re in, you need traffic – and you need lots of it. More traffic means more money. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your site. Your main focus should be on getting targeted traffic. So, make sure you know who your audience is so you can target them.

Here are a some EFFECTIVE traffic generating methods:

  1. Major Pay Per Click ads, including Google Adwords, Bing ads and Facebook ads. Read more info about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising here.  PPC ads give you some of the most targetedbest converting traffic. And it’s one of the fastest way to get traffic. But it can be costly. PPC will cost you anywhere from $.10 to $10 per click and you can lose your shirt if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    The Definitive Guide to Google adwords by Perry Marchall
    is the best book available to learn more about Google Adwords

  1. Low fee PPC search engines. There are many PPC search engines besides Google Adwords and MSN where you can get traffic for a penny per click.
  2. Social media. Social networking has become very important for getting traffic and exposure. It should be an important part of your web presence. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites. See how you can promote your graphic design or product design business with social media.
  3. Design a Facebook fan page and create a campaign that will entice visitors to “like” your page – develop a relationship with your fans so you can market to them. You can be very creative with how you LEVERAGE off Facebook, especially Facebook fan pages to get a lot of free targeted traffic!
  4. SEO. On-page SEO involves using your keywords in your content and in your Meta Tags and using descriptive file names for articles, pictures and videos to make it easier for search engines to find your content. You’ll also need to do off-page SEO by building quality contextual backlinks from high PR sites. Google often changes it algorithm and there will always be new Google updates. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have wiped out a lot of sites. Today, you can’t rely on SEO alone anymore as it has become more volatile and difficult to keep up with the changes. Having good content will always be important to search engines and is the best long-term SEO strategy.
  5. Build a list and send regular emails – Building a list has been one of the most important Internet marketing strategies. Getting your visitors’ email addresses and building opt-in email lists is essential to staying in touch with your prospects and turning visitors into buyers. See more info about building a list.
  1. JV/List Traffic – Get traffic from people who own niche lists and let you advertise in their email messages.
  2. Submit online news releases. Submitting online news releases is one of the quickest ways to get traffic and visibility for your website and reach a new audience.With the availability of internet based press release sites, it is easy to publish press releases online and get broad media attention. By submitting your news release online, you are publishing news about your site, products or services to the top news release sites. In addition, you’ll get quality links from high-PR sites. Tip: Provide information that is newsworthy.
  3. Blogging. Create a targeted blog. Blog regularly. Blogging is a great way to spread your message, build your brand and build relationships. Build trust by showing your expertise and establish yourself as an expert. Adding new content regularly helps to get traffic from returning customers. WordPress blogs are also great for SEO.
  4. Create non-fiction ebooks for Kindle. Add links inside your ebooks that direct readers back to your website. Kindle is very important marketing tool today. Nancy Baker says: “The reason this works so well is because the person visiting your site through a link inside a Kindle book is already a paying customer. How can you get more targeted than someone who has already taken out their wallet and given you money?”
  5. backlinksGet a variety of incoming links such as links from social networking sites, YouTube, high PR sites, bookmarks, profile links, blog comments and forum comments. Getting quality backlinks is one of the most important factors to get good search engine ranking today.
    Read more about how to get quality backlinks here.
    4 Reasons to comment on blogs.
  6. Get niche traffic.  Buy ads and get articles in niche sites to get niche traffic. Develop relationships with other bloggers and webmasters in your niche so that they’ll allow you to write for them.
  7. Free and paid local directories, local review sites and specialized directories. See more info about local directories here.
  8. Buy solo ads.  Pay others to mail your offer to their list. This typically runs around $30 to mail to 100.  This can be very effective if you choose targeted lists/newsletters to advertise in.
  9. Viral word of mouth. Successful companies often have something cool that makes people talk about them.
  10. Set up an affiliate program to sell your products or services. The affiliates will drive the traffic for you. Find out why you need an affiliate program here.
  11. Submit your quality articles, reports and ebooks to document sharing sites. Document sharing sites like,,, and others allow you to upload documents in a variety of formats including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others. Document sharing sites are high authority, they can provide a lot of targeted traffic and can boost your site rankings. Since Google and other search engines now have the ability to read the content of PDF files, submitting PDF documents to document sharing sites is now a powerful SEO tool. Submitting documents to file sharing sites with links pointing to your site is a great way to get quality links from content on high PR web sites. This strategy is very effective and Google friendly.
  12. Create videos that are targeted to your audience.
  13. Paid advertising. Websites that get a large amount of traffic typically spend a lot of money on advertising and they advertise across various marketing channels. Most marketers recommend a variety of targeted paid advertising.
    • advertising. Facebook is one of the largest websites with more than 500 million monthly users and it’s one of the most effective places for targeted advertising today. You can target your advertising based on interests and demographics so it’s really flexible.
    • directads (target by demographics).
    • RhythmOne  (previously Burst Media).
    • ads (interests and demos).
  1. 14. Improve existing content. Check Google analytics and see what pages are getting the most traffic. Then, work on increasing the ranking of the main keyword on the page. You can add more related keywords and build quality links.

NOTE: To get targeted traffic and attract your targeted audience, you have to select the right keywords and have a great landing page that is targeted to you ideal audience. This applies to free traffic as well as paid traffic.

Also, have a look at my free traffic methods.  Those free methods require work but you can outsource most of these methods.


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