What Are The Best WordPress Themes

What Are The Best WordPress themes?

How Should You Choose a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme provides the basic design and function of your website. Themes are made up of template files and are sometimes called templates . They provide an easy way to create a professional-looking blog.

When choosing a WordPress Theme, there are several ways you can go:

  1. Choose a free WordPress theme.
  2. Buy a professional Premium theme.
  3. Create your own theme.
  4. Customize an existing theme.
  5. Choose a free or professional theme and pay a programmer to customize it for you.

There are many good WordPress themes (both free and professional themes) and there are poorly designed and buggy themes. When you ask someone what the best themes are, the answer will depend on what themes they know and are familiar with. But because a theme is good for someone else does not necessarily mean it will be good for you. Programmers and web designers who are experienced with WordPress often modify and customize existing themes or design their own themes.

So, how can you create a professional-looking, effective site if you’re not a designer and have no expertise in coding? Luckily, you can choose from thousands of WordPress themes and you can create a professional looking site even if you don’t know html. If you’re a non-technie, a good professional theme will give you a professional-looking blog, make blogging and Internet marketing easier and give you less headaches.

So, what theme should you choose?

It depends. There isn’t a theme that will fit everyone’s needs as everyone has their own requirements. The best WordPress theme for you is a theme that fits your needs.

  • First determine what you want to do with your site.
  • Choose a look and layout that works with your topic, niche and fits your needs.
  • Choose a theme that will do what you want your site to do and build the type of site you want to build. For example, if you’re a graphic artist or photographer, you may want to look for a portfolio theme. If you want to make money with your blog, you’ll want to look for business geared themes and not blogger geared themes.

You can search for WordPress Themes by keywords (topic), color, layout, number of columns and so on. You can use the filters on the Premium WordPress developers websites to display themes that work in your niche.

Free themes. There are good and bad free themes but many free themes can cause security issues. Free themes typically have less functionality and may lack support. Support and availability of updates are good reasons to use a Premium WordPress theme. WordPress Themes require regular updates. If the support for the theme is poor, your theme might not get updated with updates that are needed to function properly. If you’re going to use a free theme, make sure it’s up to date, compatible with the latest WordPress version and supports widgets so you can manage sidebars easier. You may want to do some minor tweaking to the theme. You can typically add your logo or header images and make some minor changes with minimal technical skills. Here are some of the reliable free themes:

  • Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve are solid free themes that programmers often use as a basic to customize and expand upon.
  • Atahualpa has a lot of options to customize your site.
  • Thematic looks basic but has a lot of widget ready areas for easy customization.
  • LightWord is clean and simple.
  • Mimbo provides a magazine layout and has a Pro (premium) version too.
  • Freemium looks great.  The latest version is clean and bright for a magazine style theme.

When you first install WordPress, you’ll see the free default theme that WordPress provides and your site will look plain.  You can install different themes and customize themes to look better and different from other blogs.

Trust the WordPress Directory When Using Free Themes

When using free themes, Search Engine Watch suggest to only use  free themes that are mentioned in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Visit, the official repository of themes, with over a 1,000 of  themes for you to peruse.  “The directory is maintained and policed by a great team of contributors. This maintenance is invaluable as they are very quick to act on reports for untrustworthy content. Abusive themes are promptly removed, and the majority are reviewed before the first iteration is published.” For more details read

Premium Themes

Premium WordPress themes are developed by third-party vendors and are not free. When buying a Premium Theme from a reputable developer, you’ll have less headaches because of the quality of the theme and the support you’ll get if you need questions answered.

Here are some of the  advantages that Premium WordPress themes have over free WordPress themes:

  • 24/7 customer support provided by the vendor.
  • They often provide updates that fix bugs or add features. Paid members usually get free updates.
  • Premium Themes typically have a support forum where you can get support from other users.
  • Better graphics and user interface.
  • Easier to use. Themes provide options that can range from changing colors, to changing layout, adding/ removing links, adverting blocks, SEO options and more.
  • Built-in search engine optimization.
  • The theme is built upon a robust framework.
  • Ability to integrate eCommerce into your website.

Below are some popular, solid professional themes.

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

  • Profits Themes – easily and quickly creates profitable landing pages & membership sites.
  • Woo Themes. User-friendly themes. Good customer service and a support forum.
  • ElegantThemes. Provides many great premium themes at a very affordable price.
  • StudioPress – These themes have a solid foundation, framework and SEO. They use Genesis Framework –  has a great selection of child themes to give your site a professional look. Choose from Magazine, News, MomPreneur, Freelance, Crafts, Portfolio, Community, Decor, Blogging and more themes.
  • Optimize Press.

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress by StudioPress

  • Catalyst – Very customizable and a good value for only $127.
  • Theme Forest: I do NOT recommend Theme Forest. They have a bad reputation, some of their themes are buggy and they don’t provide good support.

Check out some of these themes. Choose a theme that you like and will fit your needs. Don’t change themes too often as there will be some learning curve each time you’re switching themes.


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