What is an Online News Release?

What is an Online News Release?

What is an Online News Release?
Why You Need to Use Online Press Releases
Tips on How to Write a Press Release.
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What is an online news release and why do you want to use online news releases to get traffic to your site?

A press release, also known as a news release, is a news statement about your company, product or service to inform the media and consumers.

In the past, people wrote press releases to get media coverage from newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. Today, they submit press releases online to get media coverage and improve search engine optimization.

There are several good reasons for distributing a press release online.

The purpose and benefits of online news releases:

  • Increase search engine ranking.
  • Increase visibility in search engines and social networking sites.
  • Increase traffic to your website from targeted customers and send prospects and buyers to your website.
  • Report news.
  • Inform and educate your prospects.
  • Build brand awareness.

Just like off-line press releasea, online press releases should be newsworthy and highlight something interesting about your company, products or services.

You can use press releases to announce a range of news items such as new products and services, new equipment, new procedure, promotions, sales, events, awards, accomplishments and financial data. Press releases can also be used to generate a feature story.

The PR must also include your contact information, phone number, address, website url and email so that users can easily get in touch with.

What makes online press releases different from traditional off-line press releases?

Optimizing press releases for search engines is an effective online marketing technique that can get you a lot of exposure. A well-optimized press release can get many visitors in just a few days. And if your news story is selected on Google News, then you can keep on getting targeted traffic.

Optimizing a press release for search engines involves including keywords so that search engines can detect it and rank it high for your targeted key phrase. The right keywords will send targeted prospects to your web site. This means that you should know what keywords your prospects are searching for and do keyword research if you haven’t already done so.

Each press release should focus on 1 key phrase only and possibly 1 or 2 related keywords. For example, if your main key phrase is hair transplant, a related keyword can be hair restoration.

To optimize your press release, include your main keywords at the beginning and at the end of the press release. Include a link to your site. Optimize the title, headline, description and add a photo or video to get the best results.

Regular, ongoing submissions of press releases will give you the maximum results

  • Each press release should focus on a different key phrase.  For example, you can optimize one press release for “hair transplant”, another one for “hair transplant clinic” and the next one for “hair transplant surgeon.”
  • To get exposure for many key phrases, you have to write and submit many press releases that each targets one major key phrase.
  • I recommend submitting two news releases every month.

Inexpensive, effective marketing

Press releases are relatively inexpensive to write and distribute online – especially when you’re comparing this with the cost of direct mail, print advertising and TV ads that can cost thousands of dollars each.

Press release distribution ranges from free to paid sites that can cost over $500.

Writing a search-engine optimized, effective press release and distributing it to the right web sites does take skills, including writing skills, knowledge of how to write press releases and knowledge of SEO.

Hiring a professional to write your press release can get you maximum exposure from your PRs.

Submitting your own press releases is time consuming and it’s easier to outsource this service to a press release distribution service who can distribute your press releases to top news websites for a reasonable fee.  

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