What You Need To Create A Blog

Creating a blog is one of the first steps you need to take in making money online. But where do you start? What’s involved? What do you need?

Here’s what you need to create a successful, money-making blog:

  1. A blogging platform.
  2. A domain name.
  3. Hosting.
  4. Content.
  5. Products, services or ads to promote (to make money).
  6. An opt-in form and autoresponder (to build a list).

Below are more details.

1. Blogging Platform

Choosing the right blogging platform is the first step in making money online. Your blogging platform will affect search engines optimization, traffic and sales.

What blogging platform should you choose for your blog? There are many blogging platforms you can choose from to create a blog and having many choices can be confusing.

Some of the most popular platforms are WordPress and Blogger. If you are just looking for an easy way to build a small personal blog, then both Blogger and can offer you the basic platform to start your blog. But if you have plan on building a professional blog, or larger blog, or want to monetize your blog, go for, avoid a free sub-domain and invest a small amount of money for a domain and hosting.

Read more details on what blogging platform to choose.

2. Domain Name

I recommend or for domain name registration only – NOT for hosting.

3. Hosting

Although you can create free blogs without needing hosting, I recommend having your own domain and hosting to build credibility.

For hosting, I recommend Blue Host and Host Gator.

4. Content

Content is the most important element of your blog. With your blog, you can build and brand your business. You need to provide a variety (diverse), unique  for your audience. What content is valuable to your readers? Valuable content is content or information they cannot find anywhere else. Your content has to be targeted to what your niche and what your audience wants. Know what people in your niche need. Ask yourself what visitors of your site consider valuable. Ask them what they need. Once you know what they need, give it to them. Content can include regular blog posts, videos, lists, infographics, images and

5. Monetize

There are many ways to monetize your blog, including Adsense, affiliate marketing, e.g. Amazon ads and more.

Monetize with Adsense

6.  Building a List

A targeted mailing list is vital because it allows you to contact people whenever you want, follow up and bring poeple back to your site.  This will increase your conversion rates and profits. You can create lists of subscribers, customers, clients or members. You can (and should) automate list creation with autoresponders.   You DON’T have to have a product or service to sell to start building a list.  You can sell affiliate products. But even if you don’t have anything to sell yet, you should start collecting email addresses right away.

You’ll need traffic to test your opt-in page and achieve a high opt-in rate. Test headlines and bullets to increase your opt-in rate slowly but surely. Make sure that your traffic source allows driving traffic to a squeeze page, because a lot of traffic sources (e.g. Google Adwords) e.g.  Google AdWords won’t allow that.

I recommend Aweber to create a list.

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7.  Drive Traffic

You need targeted traffic. Look at both free and paid traffic strategies to build your list quickly and general sales.  Traffic generation must be ongoing.

See more info about free traffic here.

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Here’s the legal mumbo jumbo:

I only recommend products I believe in whether they have affiliate programs or not.  I am using most products I’m recommending here for my own web sites or clients’ web sites. Some links are affiliate links, and if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something, I might get paid a small commission.

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