Why You Need a Facebook Page

Building your online presence around a popular social networking site such as Facebook is one of the most crucial strategies you can use for your online business.

Facebook is one of the best social networks to  join today to increase your business.

Remember, Facebook has more than 750 million active users that exchange billions of objects such as web links, stories, blog posts, photographs and videos every month.

Why you need a Facebook landing page to capture a stronger audience

The amount of traffic that you can give to your business by building a strong web presence in Facebook through Facebook Fan Pages will most likely spell the difference between your failure and your success.

Do have a Facebook page, but you’re not getting as many fans as quickly as you had hoped?

The answer is: you need  a Facebook Landing Page!

A Facebook page is like a web page. A Facebook landing page is a page that will come up for new visitors instead of your wall.

Why consider using a custom Welcome page?

A great Facebook design can make or break your success. Your Facebook business page needs to look professional. Creating a custom Welcome landing page in Facebook tells your visitors you take social media seriously. And they appreciate that. According to Mari Smith, visitors who visit your page and land on a custom Welcome page are 47% more likely to Like your page than if they just land on your Wall (which is only a 23% conversion to a Like).

Your landing page is very important for your business. Here’s why:

  • It can turn fans into customers by getting facebook likes.
  • It is an instant portal for constant engagement.
  • Your customers can receive instant updates.
  • A landing page is one of the most customizable elements of Facebook.

For your Facebook Fan Page campaign to be successful, you must get lots of “likes” from Facebook users. It is impossible to make money with your Facebook page if you don’t have people who follow (like) your page.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is the best way to promote your business through Facebook and getting lots of ‘likes’ from Facebook fans is the only way for your Facebook page to be successful.

  • A Facebook user who ‘likes’ your page becomes your fan, which is also equivalent to having them subscribe to your page. Once subscribed as a fan, these users can view all the updates, offers, services and any other information coming to-and-from your page. This makes informing people about the activities of your business much easier.
  • Fans can share whatever they see from your Fan Page to their friends, opening up an opportunity for “word-of-mouth” marketing without spending lots of money.

Once they like your business page they are granted the ultimate access to everything your business is about. News, Information, and updates are all rewards for them making that “call to action” to like your business page.


  • Create a great landing page. It is a social networking tool.
  • A landing page should be a Welcome from your company to you fans.
  • Make sure that your business page make your customers feel comfortable.
  • Your landing page should help your fans understand your business, develop their impression, and most importantly.. engage and interact. 
  • Give your potential customers a sense of how to perceive your business.

How to create a great Facebook fan page

  • Be creative when creating a landing page. Jump outside the box.
  • Make your landing page look good with attractive design and content. A professional, effective, captivating landing page is an excellent way for potential customers to take a double look.
  • Ask them to “Like” your page and click on the “Like” button at the top of the Facebook landing page.
  • Always include a prominent call to action.   A landing page can create a call to action to what exactly you want your customers to do and what you’re offering them!

What Should I Include on My Custom Facebook Welcome Page?

Tell people why they should Like your page and be part of your community. Here are some ideas of information you can include in your fan page

  • share a fan-only coupon code
  • showcase specific products
  • explain what kind of information you share on your Wall and what fans can contribute
  • share your company philosophy

Create engagement and interaction with potential customers

Here are some popular ways to create engagement and interaction with your Facebook landing page:

  • quizzes
  • contests
  • sweepstakes
  • giveways
  • freebies
  • discounts and so much more !


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