Don’t Let Other Sites Control Your Content

The risks of using 3rd party sites

The Internet is always changing. It’s important to understand the risks of using only 3rd party sites. When using 3rd party sites, other people (not you) control your pages, you have to follow their rules and are restricted by them. Relying totally on the income from other sites can be risky.

Sites can disappear.

For example, Yahoo Voices and Squido closed in 2014.

Squidoo has been acquired by HubPages and Squidoo pages stopped being visible around September 2014. Some of your content might have been transferred to HubPages and other pages are no longer available online.

Hopefully you backed up your content and put it somewhere else, either on your own site or another site. Squidoo was much more flexible than Hubpages about the content they allowed you to put on their site and where you were linking too. For example, if you were using Squidoo for promotions, be aware that HubPages may not accept your content or links.

Rules can change.

Here’s an example of changing rules.

Several years back, HubPages used to allow you to promote Clickbank, Amazon and Adsense and link to your squeeze pages. And then they changed their policies. People who had hundreds of lenses and were making commissions from Clickbank links, squeeze page links, and others were taken offline until they removed those links.

Why let someone else have control over your pages?

Why spend a lot of time creating pages on sites you don’t have control over?

Why share your income with sites like HubPages?

Hubpages allowed Amazon affiliate links and you could add Amazon products to your hub with your associates tag embedded, but they took part of your earnings by displaying your tag and theirs randomly according to a certain percentage. Wouldn’t you rather get all the commissions yourself?  You can get them all by putting up your own website or blog.

Don’t depend on a third party’s terms of service that are always changing. Instead of using 3rd party sites like Squido and HubPages or other sites controlled by other people,  create your own site(s) where you have full control.

Setting up your own web site or blog is a much safer option than using third-party sites.

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