Five Ways To Succeed With Facebook Marketing

Have you tried to market on Facebook and failed miserably?

You’re not alone. Many people go to Facebook looking for a magic solution that just doesn’t exist. That being said, those who come to the social network with an open mind and willing to try new things are going to find success.


Facebook Marketing Success


The five tips below won’t automatically solve all your problems, but they are going to help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Understand the Audience – The audience that uses Facebook is quite a bit different than the one that uses Twitter. Knowing this is important if you want to connect with them on a personal level.

  2. More Signal Less Noise – Some have said that it’s a good idea to send out around 18 posts full of value or entertainment and then sending out one that is self-promotional in nature. This is hard to do, but if you follow a similar pattern for your posts, you’re going to be more successful.

  3. Forget Automation – While installing a plugin to send every WordPress post to Facebook automatically sounds like it’s a great thing, it’s not going to get people involved with your Fan page. Instead, try to add a little personality to each post you make – and respond to the people who do comment.

  4. Pay if You Have To – While getting free results from Facebook is nice, you shouldn’t base all your success on this. Sponsored stories on Facebook are a great way to increase numbers of fans and interactions. The best news is that it can be cost effective if you know what you’re doing. Be careful, though, because with such a large audience, it’s easy to burn through $100s or $1,000s of dollars quickly.

  5. Be Yourself – People on Facebook don’t like phonies. They can spot them a mile away and will not only avoid them but warn others about them. This is the kind of anti-marketing that you don’t want to get started. Try to act natural when you’re writing posts and interacting with fans – even if you’re a jerk in real life. You don’t want to go too far, of course, but being genuine can go a long way in helping you grow your audience on Facebook.

Following the five tips above will get you started, but you’re still going to have to sit down and learn about Facebook’s advertising options – all of them. This is not too hard to do, but you need to spend the time to familiarize yourself with their system. Once you do this, you’ll be able to spend your money more wisely. If you have any tips for marketing on Facebook successfully, feel free to leave a comment below and share your wisdom!

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