How To Attract Affiliates

Affiliates can choose from thousands of affiliate programs. You must make your affiliate program attractive to motivate affiliates to promote your product instead of other people’s.

So, how do you motivate affiliates to promote your products?

Here are some tips on making your affiliate program attractive to affiliates:

  1. Have a quality product.
  2. Have a professional-looking sales page that converts well.
  3. Offer high commissions. Higher-priced products and high commissions will attract more affiliates. I would suggest paying a minimum of 50% commissions on digital products. A $3 commission on a $6 ebook won’t motivate affiliates to promote your book. Of course, commissions on physical products will be much lower as you’ll have a product cost.  Commissions at Amazon, Commission Junction and other affiliate networks selling physical products are often around 3 to 7% percent.
  4. Have a compelling affiliate promotion page.
    Provide useful information on your affiliate promotion page and highlight how affiliates can benefit from promoting your product.
    – Provide a short product description and anything that’s unique or interesting about your product, e.g. mention if the product is in a hot niche.Here are some of the benefits that affiliates look for:
    – High commissions. This is the first thing affiliates will look at. Recurring commissions (e.g. subscription or membership products) are attractive too.
    – Conversion rate. Mention how well the sales page converts. You’re going to need to make some sales yourself to be able to know your conversion rate and you may have to tweak your sale page until it’s good enough to attract quality affiliates.
    – Low refund rate (which indicates that you have a quality product).
    – Long-term cookies to assure affiliates that they will get paid when prospects leave the site and come back later.
    – Good tracking so affiliates can track which promotions work.
    – Great support. Tell them you’re available to help them.

Provide Affiliate Tools

You’ll  want to make it as easy  for affiliates to sell your products by providing tools they can use to promote your products.

Tools can include:

  • text links
  • email messages
  • autoresponder messages
  • articles and blog posts
  • product reviews
  • videos
  • A wide variety of graphics in different sizes and formats, including attractive banner ads and ebook covers that they can put on their site with their affiliate link to your product.
  • Keywords that relate to your product, which affiliate can bid on in paid advertising, or try to rank in search engines to drive free traffic to your website.

Provide as much information as possible to made the affiliate’s job easier and you’ll have a great start to attract affiliates.

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