How To Promote Your Facebook Page

For your Facebook Fan Page campaign to be successful, you must get lots of “Likes” from Facebook users.

A Facebook user who “Likes” your page officially becomes your fan, which is also equivalent to having them subscribe to your page. Once subscribed as a fan, these users can view all the updates, offers, services and any other information coming to-and-from your page. This makes informing people about the activities of your business much easier. 

Fans can share whatever they see from your Fan Page to their friends, opening up an opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing without spending lots of money.

But getting a lot of likes for your newly established Facebook Fan Page isn’t easy.

First of all, you do not have a lot of friends when you are just starting your page so promoting it through tagging and word of mouth is not an option.

Second, you don’t have a lot of content yet that would attract Facebook users to like your Fan Page. Because you are starting from scratch, acquiring Facebook fans will be a tedious task that might consume your time if you don’t have a solid working plan.

So, how do you get lots of likes? Here are several ways to promote your Facebook Fan Page:

  1. Using Facebook Ads.
  2. Promote your Fan page through social bookmarking websites.
  3. Upload viral videos in video sharing websites such as Youtube.
  4. Create an external promo page and link it to your Facebook Fan Page.
  5. Use an external website to promote your Facebook Page.
  6. Use article marketing to promote your Facebook Fan Page.
  7. Promote your page by using Facebook’s Social Plugins in your websites.
  8. Promote your Facebook Fan Page through the use of photo, video and name tagging.
  9. Promote your Facebook Page in general information hubs.
  10. Promote your Facebook Page in other social networking sites.
  11. Create your own shop inside Facebook.

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