Is Automating Social Media Posts a Good Idea?

Is Automating Social Media Posts a Good Idea?

No! Yes! Well, maybe. Depending on who you ask whether automating social media posts is a good idea or not, you’re likely to get a different answer. Still, there is a definitive answer if you dig around and separate the facts from all the misinformation that abounds online. Keep reading to learn why this is not a good idea – and what you should do instead.


Why Social Media Automation is Bad

Here’s a rundown of the main reasons why automating your social media efforts is not a good idea in the short term or the long run.

  • Google – For one thing, Google and the other search engines aren’t fans of it. This includes Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks who do not like dealing with automated software that’s aggressive.

  • People – Additionally, people are going to realize right away that you’re using automation. People aren’t stupid, and they’re not going to enjoy you not caring enough to actually create a message manually.

  • Value – While automating posting to social networks is easy and free most of the time, it doesn’t really offer any value. People tend not to reply or interact with automated posts. They do sometimes, but not enough to make it worth doing.

What You Should Do Instead

If you want to avoid all the potential problems above, here’s a look at alternatives that you can do to help out.

  • Take Your Time – Instead of trying to save a few seconds here and there, take the time to actually create your posts manually. Taking your time and doing this will make each message you post more effective.

  • Do Your Research – Another thing you should be doing is looking at the posts from your fans and people who follow you. Social media networks are supposed to be social. This means not doing all the talking all the time.

  • Be Creative – If you really want to jumpstart your social media marketing, you really need to think outside of the box. This is something that automation software can’t do.

  • Say Thank You – Whenever possible, reach out to others in your network and thank them for the good things they’re doing. This doesn’t take a lot of time and can really pay off in the end.

As you can see, doing social media the right way isn’t that difficult. And if you do it right, you can really benefit from the work you put in. If you have any thoughts about social media marketing, leave a comment below or, even better, tweet this post!

When you take the time to be creative and think outside the box, you’re going to find that your social media interactions really take off. People don’t enjoy talking to robots on Twitter or Facebook. Show your audience you’re a real person and they will respond.

Written by: Sara Xiang has been a fan of log cabins for a while and likes to buy them here when she has the extra money. She also likes to practice infographics design in her spare time.


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