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Keyword research plays a major role in search engine optimization.

You should always start with keywords research when doing search engine optimization, market research, content development and product creation.

If you target the wrong keywords, all your efforts to obtain SEO and traffic will be in vain.

Keywords are not only used for meta tags and content on your pages.

They are just as important in other marketing methods, including getting incoming links, submitting news releases, social bookmarking, creating web 2.0 blog pages, article marketing, directory submission pay per click advertising, and more.

It is important to determine your optimal keywords for your web pages before optimizing your site, starting a pay-per-click campaign, setting up incoming links, getting social bookmarks and doing any other kind of Internet marketing.

Using targeting specific keywords or phrases in any of those marketing methods will increase the probability of your site ranking high for those targeted terms or phrases. Keyword research software will help you find variations of your keywords. For example, if you’re promoting weight loss, using specific methods that will help people lose weight such as “diet plans,” “meal plans,” and “low glycemic diets” are more specific and more effective. The right keywords will target your audience who conducts the searches. That’s why it’s very important to do keyword research.

Do you want to do your own keyword research? Check out Market Samurai and WordTracker for FREE now. I’ve used and like both keyword research programs. Currently I’m using Market Samurai.

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Below are my recommendations for keyword research software.

I’m currently using Market Samurai and really like it. Get your FREE trial version now by clicking on the link below.

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Another program I’m using occasionally is WordTracker.

Wordtracker is the popular keyword research tool of Internet marketers because it’s great to identify niches.

WordTracker allows you to specify exactly how you want it to retrieve and present your results, allowing you to stipulate uppercase, plurals, and more and combine in the results or split as separate results.

For some people, using Wordtracker on an as-needed basis will work. But if you want to build search engine optimized web sites or keyword focused article pages, then you need to go for a paid version of WordTracker.

If you are serious about internet marketing and niche marketing, using a professional quality keyword research tool as those mentioned here is a MUST. It should be one of the first tools you should get.

Check out the free trials of both keyword research programs
And see which one you like best


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  • Review of Traffic Travis .  It is an all-in-one SEO and research software tool that helps you boost your website traffic. It includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click  and general market research.  You can track your own site’s performance and you can also peek under the hood of your competitors’ sites.
  • Traffic Travis – Free download.

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