Twitter – How to Retweet

Twitter retweets / backlinks are important.

Twitter is a huge social network. And retweets are a huge indicator to Google and other search engines that your content is worth promoting. It’s also a great way to build your brand awareness and social proof.

What is a retweet?

Retweet = resharing a tweet.
Retweeting shares information to your audience.

How to Retweet

Retweet posts that are of interest to your followers. When retweeting, credit the original source. It’s also good to add your comments to retweets.  e.g. This is a fun, this is a great tip. You might want to implement it.

3 Ways to Retweet

HootSuite Social Media Management System

1. Use Twitter’s retweet button. This is the easiest way to retweet but not the best way.

2. Create a new tweet to retweet with your comments. Copy the tweet. Create a new tweet. Paste the tweet, type in “RT @” and the originator’s tweeter name in front of the tweet and add your comment. Your followers will see your replies and they will see your Twitter image instead of the other person’s.

3. Hit reply to retweet and comment.

Highlight and copy/paste the message – hit replay so you’ll see the original author – put your comment and RT in front of the message. The benefit of this is that your followers will see your replies. It’s a great way to mention people and comment on their tweet. It’s similar to having a conversation.

4. Use Hootsuite and click on the retweet button. When using hootsuite to retweet, you can edit a tweet and add your comments.

Modifying  someone’s tweet.

You can retweet and modify someone’s tweet. When doing so, put MT (Modified Tweet) in front of the tweet.

Copy the tweet – modify it and create a new tweet.
Put in the original tweeter’s name.

How to motivate others to retweet your tweets.

First of all, you need to provide interesting tweets to get others to retweet your tweets.

Also, keep your tweets short enough so there is room for people to add your name and their content.

Thank people who retweet you

  • Add them to a private list.
  • Review the tweets from that list.
  • Jump in conversations with those poeple.

Twitter Resources:
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