Why You Need An Affiliate Program For Your Products

Why should you set up affiliate programs to promote your products or services?

Having an affiliate program is a very effective low-cost internet advertising strategy.

Here are some reasons for setting up an affiliate program for your products and services:

  • Risk free: You only pay affiliates for sales.  You pay nothing if there are no sales.
  • You’ll get highly targeted traffic.
  • You’ll get additional exposure and reach a market you would not get otherwise and get additional sales. If you don’t have an affiliate program, you’re leaving some money on the table.
  • You can make additional back-end sales.
  • Affiliate programs can significantly boost product branding.

Get extra exposure from affiliates

When promoting a product by yourself, you are limited to your own site traffic and traffic you purchase. But if you have an affiliate program, your product will be promoted on other websites (your affiliates’ websites) and sent out to your affiliates’ mailing lists without any extra work to you.

Get access to markets you don’t have access to yourself

Affiliates can often reach prospects that you don’t. Your affiliates will have access to markets that you’ve never touched and you will be able to reach niches you never would have thought of or found yourself.

You’re also getting sales that you probably would not have made without the affiliates.

Having an affiliate program can increase your sales volume to a figure beyond what would even be possible with a massive budget and effort on your part.

A risk-free way to promote your products

When advertising, you don’t know if your advertising will be profitable. When getting sales through your affiliates, you’ll make a profit on every single sale. You only pay affiliates for sales. If the visitor doesn’t buy, you pay nothing.

You’re missing out on sales if you don’t have an affiliate program. Once, you try it for one product and see the additional sales coming in, you’ll want to set up an affiliate program for all your products.

Make additional backend sales

You can also make additional money in the backend. After customers make a purchase, you can capture them in your autoresponder sequences and offer them additional products. You will you make more sales,  build a larger list and have more people to sell backend products to.


Find out how to set up an affiliate program for your products here.

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