Review of Autoresponders & Recommendations

An autoresponder is a program that automatically responds to an email it receives at a specific email address.

A good autoresponder will build your list automatically and automates your email follow up at a schedule you set. You’ll need a professional autoresponder that will capture your visitors’ email addresses through a web form.

Read more reasons why you need to use autoresponders to turn visitors into buyers here.

It is important to choose a good autoresponder service from the start and stay with them. You don’t want to change providers after building a large list and setting up a lot of autoresponders and autoresponder messages. If you import your list to the new autoresponder provider, your subscribers will have to resubscribe to the new service and you’ll lose 75% of your subscribers. Most good providers will require that they will have to re-subscribe because of spam regulations. Also, it will be time-consuming to set up a bunch of autoresponders and messages again at a different company.

Aweber (my favorite)and Getresponse but are the two best autoreponder services on the market. Here’s my review of the most popular autoresponders available today:


I recommend Aweber because it has the best delivery rate. As a web designer, I’ve worked with many different autoresponders for my clients and I’ve found Aweber to be the easiest one to work with.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

Here’s some more benefits Aweber offers:

  • Unlimited autorsponders, campaigns, lists, follow up messages, and newsletters.
  • The highest delivery rate. Reliable, >99.34% email deliverability, fast.
    Great customer support.
  • 51+ Templates for newsletter and follow up design.
  • Easily create and add opt-in web forms to your website.
  • Free training guides and videos.
  • Expert unlimited free customer support. Toll free phone, live chat, email support.
  • 30 day risk free guarantee


I used to be happy with Getresponse but they’ve made some changes I don’t find user friendly. They also provide a free service that is very limited.


In addition to a shopping cart, 1shoppingcart also offers unlimited autoresponders. If you need both a shopping cart and unlimited autoresponders, you should consider 1shoppingcart. It’s is a very powerful shopping cart for serious online marketers.

I personally use 1shoppingcart because of the combination of the shoppingcart and unlimited autoresponders and was recommended to me when I first started out. I have too many names on my list and too many autoresponder messages to switch now but if I were to start from scratch again I would use Aweber for autoresponder because of the high delivery rate.   1shoppingcart offers conversion tracking and ad tracking links. It even provides an affiliate module for merchants who want to make their products available to affiliates. I like their shopping cart and autoresponder. I don’t like their affiliate system if you want to use it for more than one product (it’s okay if you only have 1 affiliate program).

A big negative is that they started charging for customer support and you really need  customer support – especially if you’re new and even advanced users need help occasionally to use the powerful feature that this system offers. Click here to read my reviews of shopping carts.

Looking for a free autoresponder?

See my comments and review of MailChimp.


Here’s the legal mumbo jumbo: I only recommend products I believe in whether they have affiliate programs or not.  I am using both companies I’m recommending here for my own web sites or clients’ web sites and am still using them. Some links are affiliate links, and if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something, I might get paid a small commission.

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