How To Create An Email Mini Course To Build Your List

Email mini-courses are one of the best methods to dramatically increase sales and build a loyal list of subscribers which you can maintain contact with and send both informational and promotional emails on a regular basis. Since most visitors will leave regardless of how relevant your landing page is, never return and will notbuy on their first visit, a well- constructed email mini course solves that problem.

Here’s how it works:

The visitor subscribes to your list by giving their first name and email address. Your autoresponder automatically send the visitor a pre-written email lessons and follow-up messages every couple of days using your autoresponder software.

When they subscribe, you have received your visitor’s permission to maintain contact with him or her for as long you want to until they buy or decide to unsubscribe from your emails.

Using an email course is a great way to build your list. This will give you the opportunity to promote not only one product but also other complimentary products and special offers down the road.

Your timing and the amount of messages you should send will vary depending on the product you’re promoting. A typical email mini course will have 5-7 messages.

Here’s how you should set it up to maximize results:

  1. Set up your autoresponder messages.Use 5 to 7 articles as the lessons for your course. You can either write your own articles or use the articles that are often provided for affiliates by a vendor of an affiliate program.  Setup your autoresponder software to send out a lesson every other day. Insert a follow-up message in between each lesson to make sure your subscribers received your previous lessons and to remind them of your future lessons.  Make sure you promote the program once at the beginning of each lesson and once at the end of each lesson. Don’t forget to insert your cloaked affiliate link at the end of each lesson.
  2. Create a landing page where you offer your visitor a free subscription to a 5-7 part online email course.

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