Turn Visitors Into Buyers With Autoresponders

It may take 4 to 7 visits before your web visitors buy from you.

Your prospects will be more likely to buy from you when you develop a relationship with them. To win their trust and motivate your visitors to go back to your website, you need to stay in touch with them. The more frequently they hear from you and return to your website, the more likely they’ll buy your products and services.

Not creating email lists is the biggest mistake I see people make online. Very few people buy the first time they visit a website. You spend money and time to generate traffic to your site. Without getting email addresses, you won’t be able to stay in touch with your prospects, and you will only have one chance at selling them. That’s why it’s so important to build an email list.

So, how do you do get their email address?

It’s simple. You motivate people to give you their email address by giving them something they’re interested in. You can provide a free report, ebook, ecourse or subscription to your ezine (online newsletter) that is related to the topic of your website. By subscribing, the subscriber gives you permission to send them email messages.

When you have their email address, you can follow up with a newsletter, offer more valuable information to establish credibility, inform them of what’s new on your site, emphasize the benefits of using your products and services, and invite them to return to your site.

You can automate your subscriptions and follow up with autoresponders.

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An autoresponder is an email address programmed to automatically send a pre-composed email message back to the sender when receiving email.

Autoresponders are one of the best online marketing tools. They will add your subscribers’ names and email addresses to your database and send them one or more messages. They can automate your follow up messages at a preset schedule you choose.

You can use autoresponders to automatically respond to email subscriptions, send a free report upon request, send a series of newsletters, and send follow-up and promotional messages.

To do effective email campaigns, you’ll need a sequential autoresponder that will capture your visitor’s email address through a web form and can send follow-up messages. Free autoresponders won’t do that.

A good autoresponder will build your list and automate your email follow up at a schedule you set. Autoresponders will save you a lot of time and help you manage your marketing campaigns on schedule. They will provide the code you need to create the opt-in form and capture people’s email address.

Here are some of the benefits of sequential autoresponders.

  • Automate your email marketing.
  • Automatically send relevant messages to targeted prospects at the right time.
  • Automating saves time and money and gives you more flexibility & freedom of time.
  • Develop profitable relationships.
  • Convert more leads into sales.
  • Grow your business on autopilot.
In short, a sequential autoreponder manages leads, makes your email marketing more efficient and grows your business on autopilot.

See my recommendations for autoresponders here.

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