What You Need To Build A List

Building a list is probably the most important things you can do in Internet marketing. Your list is your most valuable asset. Building a list is the best online method for converting prospects into buyers.

There are four elements you need to build a list:

  1. An irresistable offer to motivate then to give you their email address
  2. An opt-in form (e.g. squeeze page) to collect email addresses.
  3. An autoresponder to automate the process.
  4. A website, domain name and hosting.

After the initial set up, you’ll need to build traffic and build a relationships with your list. I’ll go in more details on each of those 5 elements below.

1. An irresistible offer.

You need to motivate people to give you their email address by offering them something they’re interested in.

Your free gift is your hook or bribe. This can be a free ebook, report, ecourse, training videos, consultation, discount, special offer and a subscription to your newsletter that is related to the topic of your website. By subscribing, the subscriber gives you permission to send them email messages.

When you have their email address, you can follow up with a newsletter, offer more valuable information to establish credibility, inform them of what’s new on your site, emphasize the benefits of using your products and services, and invite them to return to your site. You have heard it before: “The money is in the list.”  The money is in selling back-end products and getting repeat sales. And you can only do that if you get their email address.

“The Money Is In The List

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2. An opt-in form or lead capture page (Squeeze page)

Adding an opt-in form on your site to build a list of targeted prospects  is one of the most powerful methods to make money with your site.  Here are some ways to get your visitors to give you their email address and opt-in to your list.

  • Use a squeeze page or opt-in page.
  • If you have a blog, you can put your opt-in form on every page.
  • You can make your opt-in form hover over your website when the visitor enters your site. Just be aware that most poeple don’t like popups.
  • When visitors are leaving your website, you can direct them to an exit page where they can subscribe. An exit page will increase your opt ins and sales. Take a look at “Exit Splash” (people don’t like exit pages any more than popup pages).

The autoresponder will give you the form code to put on your website to collect names. If you don’t know how to do that, you can easily outsource this.

3. An autoresponder.

To build a list, first you’ll need to set up an autoresponder system to capture leads so visitors can submit their name and email on your opt-in form.  A sequential autoresponder will send automated follow-up messages (you’ll need to set them up first) at a preset time interval of your choice so you don’t forget to follow up on a regular basis. It’s very important to choose a reliable autoresponder.  If you want a real business, you’ll want to pay for a good autoresponder.  They are typically around $30/mo and the fees increase when your list gets much larger.

Why it’s important to choose a good autoresponder from the beginning.

Don’t  trust a free autoresponder for such an important task  as list building.

Some newbies think that they can start with a free autoresponder until they’ve made some money, and then switch to a better one. Switching autoresponders is not a good idea. Here’s why: When moving your lists from one autoresponder company to another, all your subscribers will have to opt in again and you’ll lose a large amount of subscribers. Many people have reported  that they’ve lost between two-thirds and three-quarters of their lists when importing from one autoresponder to another.

Aweber is my favorite autoresponder. Get more information about autoresponders and how they work.

4. A website (Domain name and Hosting)

You’ll need a webpage or blog page where you can put your form. That’s why you’ll also need a domain name and hosting. Although you can put a form on some free blogs, I recommend having your own domain and hosting to build credibility. I recommend or for domain name registration only – NOT for hosting. For hosting, I recommend Host Gator and Blue Host. Now, you’re ready to start building your list.

Drive traffic

After setting up your opt-in page, you need targeted traffic. Look at both free and paid traffic strategies to build your list quickly.  See more info about free traffic here. You’ll need traffic to test your squeeze page and achieve a high opt-in rate. Traffic generation must be an ongoing thing. Test headlines and bullets first and you’ll start to see your opt-in rate increase slowly but surely. Make sure that your traffic source allows driving traffic straight to a squeeze page, because a lot of traffic sources (e.g. Google Adwords) won’t allow that. You DON’T have to have a product or service to sell to start building a list.  Selling affiliate products is the fastest way to get started in building a list. But if you want to make money online NOW, having a product or service to sell right away is helpful in staying motivated.

Build relationships

Remember – list building means building relationships.  Build trust.  Offer your list lots of free valuable, useful, and helpful information and don’t bombard them with promotions only. Promote only quality products that will be of interest to them.


Here’s the legal mumbo jumbo: I only recommend products I believe in whether they have affiliate programs or not.  I am using most products I’m recommending here for my own web sites or clients’ web sites. Some links are affiliate links, and if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something, I might get paid a small commission.

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